interior door trim sizes

Standard and custom interior door sizes

The standard interior door sizes are determined by building codes and foresee the minimum height of a door. It should be at least 80 inches. This height is used for most of the standard doors which are installed in a bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. However, many houses have got special rooms used as storage closets, wine cellars, art studios and workshops. The doors which open the cellars are […]

unfinished red oak interior doors

Elegance and Durability of Interior Oak Doors

Interior oak doors are always in style, usefully and practicably. This type of doors is quite popular because the majority of people could appreciate the advantage of natural wood, which is not harmful for health. Now there is a tendency of using more organic materials almost everywhere, including doors. The most widely spread variant is solid oak interior doors and more over they fully stress the originality and beauty of […]

frosted glass interior doors for bathrooms

Beauty of modern frosted interior doors

The greatest advantage of elegant frosted interior doors is that they hide your private life from the eyes of the other people, but at the same time let the sunlight penetrating into your house. When you installed a¬†frosted interior door at home, you may not use any curtain to cover its glass. The obscure view which provide interior frosted glass doors let you doing it. When you keep in your […]

arched top double entry doors

Arched Entry Doors: Timeless Beautiful Choice

To add a graceful and powerful appeal to your home and entrance, try applying arched entry doors! The latter is a magnificent choice to make your entry look grandiose ad imposing. Moreover, these doors are timeless trendy and have a kind of mysterious beauty in them. Perhaps the reason is that even several centuries ago such entry doors made an astonishing impact on anyone! However, today arched interior doors for […]

accordion folding shower doors

Accordion shower door will help to save space in your bathroom

Accordion shower door is a convenient solution for small bathroom. This door requires a very small amount of space to operate, as its parts fold in on themselves and come into the showering area. Thanks to small inbuilt rollers, accordion shower stall doors slide easily, without encroaching the place outside the cabin. Accordion shower screen is suitable for handicapped people, as it is easy to open and close from either […]

interior fire rated doors for sale

Protected with fire rated interior doors

The fire rated interior doors are heavy constructions designed especially to to hold fire and smoke. The most popular fire rated wood doors have 20, 45 and 60 minutes ratings. Some of the units are rated 90 minutes. Such odd characteristics inform the customers about the time which the door will bear fire and won’t be combust. Besides wooden fire resistant doors the companies working on the market offer fire […]

sliding interior doors with glass

Sliding glass interior doors types

There are various types of sliding glass interior doors used today at modern houses. All of them have got one similar feature – they slide smoothly along a track horizontally. However these doors types differ. Arcadia doors are popular in spacious houses. These doors are mostly designed to separate an exterior and interior part of the house – a patio and a house hall, for example. French doors can clide […]

internal soundproof folding doors

The soundproof interior doors for everybody

If you make a survey among the customers which order soundproof interior doors asking about their life conditions and the place they live in, you will get a curious picture. An “average” buyer of a soundproof interior door is a person who lives in a big city, somewhere close to entertainment centers or highway. Another category of customers which ask to sell them soundproof interior doors for home are “rural” […]

wholesale pvc interior doors

Why do cheap interior doors for sale cost less?

When you want to find good quality cheap interior doors for sale use online search. It will let you saving at least 25% on a unit. As the door is not a very cheap unit, the saving will be sufficient. The best wholesale interior doors are made or real hardwood and reclamed wood. These doors have the same good quality as the units which are available at the specialized stores. […]

where to buy used interior doors

Where To Buy Interior Doors? Consider The Best Stores!

Where to buy interior doors depends on your budget and area of inhabitation. Today, various specialized stores are available offering incredibly successful products at different price ranges. Yet, you should take into consideration the reputation of the store you buy interior doors. Read reviews of other customers, compare the catalogues and prices with those of others and consider well before making the final decision. Anyway, among the most popular interior […]