interior door cat door

Comfortable interior cat door for your pet

Most of us have home pets at home which love to walk around the house, so think about the interior cat door installation. This door will be needed especially if you cat “goes out”. The pet owner may open the door each time his fluffy friend mewing asking for the help, but the interior cat door in the best way out. This kind of a door with an integrated mini-door […]

decorative doors interior design

Various types of decorative interior doors

When you just finished updating your home and understand that something is missed to finish the interior image, install decorative interior doors between your rooms. If you have a living room which is connected with dining room, kitchen and bedroom, it is worth installing the same type of decorative interior doors with glass for all the rooms. The type of door’s decor will depend on the interior. If it is […]

floating kitchen island ideas

Floating kitchen island: comfortable and space-saving means

Either modern or old kitchens have a small working area because of lack of space, so designers looking for ergonomic furniture turned to a floating kitchen island. Everyone can mount this island into a wall or install it into the working kitchen area. It can also be a piece of furniture floating beside or standing in the middle of the kitchen that looks like a table, is sometimes movable and […]

interior roll up wood door

Interior roll up door for bringing to life plenty of solutions

Interior roll up door is an extremely universal piece which can be very helpful for brining to life plenty of solutions, achieve great space economy and unite several items in a single unit. Roll up doors’ applications A large roll up door or interior roll up door residential may be used for garages, cottages and warehouses’ closure. Beside great convenience and decorative function, it may provide extra protection of your […]

interior door slab sizes

Interior door slabs: durability and reasonable price

Interior doors are one of the most important parts of any home design, so there are a few important characteristics you might consider when choosing interior door slabs, which is one of the best, durable and quality door variants, for it is made of a solid piece. As a rule, good doors add aesthetic look and style to your interior design, as well as separate important areas one from the […]

interior door handles rona

Interior Door Levers In Various Styles And Metals

Interior door levers are inseparable parts of doors used as within the house so as entry doors. However, depending on the door style and material, these levers differ greatly. Each style presumes a certain lever designs to make the item even more comfortable in use and more beautiful. For example if you have a contemporary home interior and accordingly modern interior doors, you will certainly need good quality interior door […]

louvered interior doors 30

The louvered interior doors for your home

The louvered interior doors are the units with horizontal vents which resemble Venetian blinds. This doors construction lets the floods of air circulating between the rooms. They provide privacy as nothing can be seen through these louvered doors, but theylet inside your home the natural ventilation. Elegant white louvered interior doors have been always popular as they can be installed in any room of your home and fit itno any […]

30 x 80 6 panel interior door

The great popularity of 30 x 80 interior door

The 30 x 80 interior door is the most popular size. The doors with these dimensions are usually installed in “standard” houses and apartments. Such a unit will fit into the homes with standard height of ceilings and can be chosen as the ‘basic” interior door in most just built houses. In case you want to replace the existing door in your room, you should remember that a 30 x […]

simpson shaker interior doors

Shaker interior doors – the gift from the past

The simple look of Shaker interior doors makes these doors very attractive for all do-it-yourself projects. The history of Shaker style interior doors turn us back to Shakers’ times. The Shakers’ religious sect consisted of believers which were going to create the ” Earth paradise” working hard. The members of Shakers used to do everything themselves, including designing and building furniture and doors Such furniture and Shaker doors were very […]

8 foot arched interior doors

Tall 8 foot interior doors for your home

When you live in a house with high ceilings, choose for your home rooms tall 8 foot interior doors. It will provide the “balance” in your home interior design. The shorter door, even if it is wider, will create the feeling that the ceiling “presses” the space. Very often 8 foot interior doors with glass are installed in spacious halls if large houses. The non-residental usage of these tall doors […]